Ansible Collection - middleware_automation.amq_streams

Build Status

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Ansible version compatibility

This collection has been tested against following Ansible versions: >=2.9.10.

Plugins and modules within a collection may be tested with only specific Ansible versions. A collection may contain metadata that identifies these versions.

Installation and Usage

Installing the Collection from Ansible Galaxy

Before using the collection, you need to install it with the Ansible Galaxy CLI:

ansible-galaxy collection install middleware_automation.amq_streams

You can also include it in a requirements.yml file and install it via ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml, using the format:

  - name: middleware_automation.amq_streams

The amq_streams collection also depends on the following python packages to be present on the controller host:

  • none at the moment

A requirement file is provided to install:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Included roles

  • rolename: performs an installation …


amq_streams collection v1.0.0 is a Beta release and for Technical Preview. If you have any issues or questions related to collection, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or open an issue on


Apache License v2.0 or later

See LICENSE to view the full text.