middleware_automation.jws Release Notes

This changelog describes changes after version 0.0.3.


Major Changes

  • Reduce install methods to either ‘zipfiles’ or ‘rpm’ #172

  • Refactor and cleanup around tomcat_vault feature #179

  • Rename vars #154

Minor Changes

  • Conditionally install openssl and apr, only when tomcat-native is installed #159

  • Name all tasks #133

  • Remove native tests and ensure that native zipfile existence is only checked if native is on #146

  • Update modcluster connector port default #169

  • Use explicit include_role: in playbooks #148


  • Fix JWS native archive installation #132


Minor Changes

  • Fix string mismatch with groupinstall #173

  • jws: only removes examples webapps by default. #175


  • Ensure tc_vault pkgs are installed if install_method is rpm #178

  • jws: set 0640 instead of 0600 for configuration files #181


Major Changes

  • Provide uninstall feature #68

Minor Changes

  • Add custom url download and selinux for jws #43

  • Allow overriding tomcat user uid and gid #52

  • Apply latest JWS cumulative patch when jws_apply_patches is True #94

  • Fix the name of the tarball generated by the collection build step #76

  • If another tomcat is found running, fail fast or allow to continue with jws_force_install #80

  • Populate JWS version/patch metadata, update docs #110

  • Replace RHN url defaults with base URL and mapped version-productID #77

  • Update playbook to utilize variable defaults #89

Breaking Changes / Porting Guide

  • Rename variables to be consistent #117


  • Adjustments to the apply_cp.yml logic #106

  • Avoid failure when jws_apply_patches is true and no CP is available #118

  • Ensure JAVA_HOME is set to installed JVM rpm, or allow to override #101

  • Ensure tomcat native installs and starts correctly #120

  • JWS-2417: Remove undefined executor #54

  • Make selinux policy for JWS optional like the zip installation docs suggest it is #112

  • Missing required variables to enable HTTPS #49

  • The JWS installation option should allow you to exclude natives #97

  • jws_apply_patches also installs native CP when available #121

  • fix: tomcat.user owning existing directories #100

  • selinux policy allows tomcat to listen to non-default ports #119


Release Summary

This is the first stable release of the middleware_automation.jws collection.