AnsibleĀ® for middleware brings the benefits of Ansible automation to upstream middleware (Runtimes ) projects and Red Hat Application Services Red Hat Runtimes . You can utilize the power of Ansible automation to orchestrate installation, configuration, and management of these middleware products.

What is it?

Ansible middleware includes a suite of utilities across the upstream middleware and Red Hat Runtimes portfolio that help in managing the full lifecycle of the application server, their deployables, and the underlying operating system.

What is Red Hat Runtimes?

Red Hat Runtimes is a set of products, tools, and components that are used to develop and maintain cloud-native applications. It offers lightweight runtimes and frameworks for highly distributed cloud architectures, such as microservices. It also includes a distributed, in-memory caching for fast data access, single sign-on for authentication and authorization, and messaging for reliable data transfer between existing and new applications. Learn more about Red Hat Runtimes .

What Ansible integrations are available?

Integrations with middleware products are available through a set of AnsibleĀ® Content Collections which can be included within new and existing automation workflows. The Content Collections are a distribution format for content that can include playbooks, roles, modules, and plug-ins around specific topics. Learn more about Ansible Content Collections .

These collections are available on:

Getting started

Getting started with Ansible Middleware

Contribution Guidelines

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